Past PhD theses

You can read more about the projects and the research conducted on Chalmers Research, or click the direct links in the items below.

Extending the reach of uncertainty quantification in nuclear theory
by Isak Svensson
ISBN 978-91-7905-823-4 (2023)

Approximating the Three-Nucleon Continuum
– Solving the Faddeev equations for statistical inference of chiral forces –

by Sean Miller
ISBN 978-91-7905-721-3 (2022)

JupiterNCSM: A Pantheon of Nuclear Physics
—an implementation of three-nucleon forces in the no-core shell model—
by Tor Djärv
ISBN 978-91-7905-552-3 (2021)

Unveiling the nature of dark matter with direct detection experiments
by Vanessa Zema
ISBN 978-91-7905-354-3 (2020)

The data perspective on chiral effective field theory
by Boris Carlson
ISBN 978-91-7597-530-6 (2017)

Cluster Effective Field Theory
by Emil Ryberg
ISBN 978-91-7597-492-7 (2016)

Bridging scales in nuclear physics
by Daniel Sääf
ISBN 978-91-7597-408-8 (2016)